Wetherby – Millington, Sunday 14th August 2022, 81 miles

Millington on the Runs List and eight Wheelers out for another hot day. They were Fred, Geoff, Bob J, Steve Booker, Steve Ward, Simon, Pete Dack and me ( Nick). Some of us had been in that general direction on Thursday so looked for a different option via Stamford Bridge. This means going past York. I like the route thro’ the centre past the Minster and on asking around it seems that some do but some don’t . I knew that Steve B had an alternative and I was interested so he took over for this bit and we went thro’ Bishopthorpe past Cycle Heaven and around the University area and Heslington. Interesting and pleasant. We had decided to go to Breezy Knees for coffee and Steve took us via Murton, leading eventually to Breezy Knees. Fred turned back on the way. It looks as if that will be the norm until I offer to buy his coffee again! Breezy Knees was excellent. We parked our bikes by the tables under the shady trees, ( that’s before we noticed the bike stands provided), and all agreed that the coffee and cakes were of a very high standard.

Geoff had to get back for a time deadline in the afternoon and Bob didn’t want him to get lost, so went with him. We thought Bob was planning a few pints later- well earned after his London-Edinburgh-London ride in the previous week. So we waved them off and headed for Stamford Bridge. The slightly shorter main road route was very busy but with most of the traffic at a standstill, we weren’t held up too much.

Heading for Millington, then. Apart from the usual café, the full Millington experience involves the lovely ride down Millington Pastures, which means approaching it from the far side. To do this we went from Stam. Br., past Full Sutton which now has a glorious pig farm as well as the prison. Pete commented that the new houses going up there would have a great view of the farm. Next were the pretty villages of Gowthorpe and Youlthorpe leading to Bishop Wilton. We really enjoyed the traffic-free roads along here. Of course, to do the M. Pastures bit, you’ve got to climb up somewhere so straight over the crossroads we went and up the long climb of Worsendale. This split the peloton a bit as you might say. Steve B was last up but very bravely did not complain at all, and I took his picture as we admired the view down the valley. The last time I had done this hill it had been well forested and I was looking forward to the climb in the shade but the trees have all gone now so just a lot more sun.

At the top, and after his big effort, Steve expressed a desire for lunch as soon as possible so while the rest of us rode on to Huggate he went back down a shorter route to meet us in the caff. The ride along Millington Pastures made it all worthwhile. Steve W and Pete were ahead and out of sight as I followed Simon, both of us loving the scenery, decent road and absence of traffic before the last little hill and lunch. It’s a reliable cafe so lunch was good. Steve B left early to get a head start on us- we didn’t catch him until Elvington. Pete took a slightly longer route but had still passed Steve before us and he then continued home. Now four of us again and a steady ride through Escrick, drinks in Bishopthorpe and various ways back to our homes. Thanks, guys – a really good day.