Wetherby – Pocklington, Thursday 11th August 2022, 81 miles

Meeting in the Shambles, those who had been out earlier in the week knew how hot it would be and the others didn’t really need telling. So a ride without hills sounded popular- that’s Pocklington then, by the well known route but with a few little twists. Graham, Pete D, Steve W, Steve P, Mike Bos., Glyn, Phil, Fred and me, made up the happy party.

Taking the outward route thro’ Tadcaster ,our first change from the usual was across the old airfield at Acaster Selby. Then we hit Naburn Bridge, Crockey Hill and Café Valeria in Wheldrake. As well as excellent coffee, they have a fine display of (?)Sardinian cakes ,buns and croissants. I would like to know what’s in them all but I daren’t hold up the queue that long. Fred left us here and for the rest of the journey to Pocklington,and ,in fact ,for the rest of the day, two or three of us took it in turns to be the straggler. No matter, the farm shop café on the Millington Road was up to standard and we had a good break in the sunshine,( of which there was plenty).

Nice road back thro’ Yapham and then rejoining the outward route with two alterations – Escrick instead of Crockey Hill, and after downing lots of cold drinks at Little Acorns, Colton and Tad. instead of Helaugh. A great day and in case I didn’t mention it before, it was hot!


Editor’s note: Two points: firstly Café Valeria is Sicilian rather than Sardinian and secondly I was on the ride too !! 😁😁