Boston Spa – Birkin, Tuesday 2nd August 2022, 40 miles

Tuesday and it is August already. What’s more, the forecast was for rain so it is to the Wheelers credit that seven turned up at BS Church with John Baker to see us off. There was Mark, Frank, Kathy, Bill, Keith, Pete C and me( Nick).
I think Bill and I were the only ones who decided to leave the rain jackets of since it was only drizzling a little bit. After some time, I commented that we were getting wet gradually but then things improved and by the time we got to the Fisherman’s Café at Birkin, we were able to sit outside in the developing sunshine. No-one seemed to be up for a long ride so we wended our way back via Lumby to Sherburn. After this, the group split, with five going to Lotherton Hall for more coffee while Keith and Pete headed for home. Those who stayed had a long and rambling talk- the only bits I can remember concerned mad dentists, (not me), and house martins. Then we went home, all dry in spite of that forecast.


Correction: Michael Brawley and Bob Lunt also joined the ride in spite of the bad forecast. Sorry guys !!