Wetherby – Copmanthorpe, Saturday 30th July 2022, 30 miles

Steady overnight rain which continued into Saturday morning was presumably the reason only three riders arrived in the Shambles: Pete C, Michael and me, Mark.

It was wet enough for Michael and me to dust (rinse ?) off our winter bikes and Pete had tried the same but found that he had a puncture – it’s funny how often that happens. The originally suggested destination was Easingwold but an outbreak of common sense modified the plan to a shorter ride towards Copmanthorpe.

There was plenty of casual water – an odd golf term – on the roads i.e puddles but there didn’t seem to be too much traffic as we set off eastwards through Walton, Wighill and Healaugh. We had discussed the possibility of stopping at the Askham Bryan garden centre cafe but as the rain was easing off a smidgeon we continued to Copmanthorpe. We stopped at Little Acorns for a coffee break – or hot chocolate in Pete’s case. A combination of putting the world to rights ourselves and a conversation with a very softly-spoken sound engineer pleasantly made the time pass.

In the meantime the weather had decided to take pity on us, the rain had stopped and within a few miles, there was even a glimpse of a sliver of blue sky. Our return route was Acaster Malbis and Bolton Percy to Tadcaster form where we made our separate ways home on rapidly-drying roads.

A pleasant ride in good company, I’m glad I wasn’t put off by the wet weather – it wasn’t at all cold.