Wetherby – Boroughbridge, Sunday 31st July 2022, 40 miles

Mark’s report from yesterday supposes that the rain was responsible for the small turnout. Same today, I guess. How many? One actually. When I pulled into the Shambles in the rain and saw a collection of bikes opposite our café ,I was a bit surprised but they weren’t Wheelers-in fact they had cycled from Menston and were waiting for the café to open before going back! By ten past nine there was no other company so I set off up the A168 with the intention of seeing how things went. The Northerly wind was stronger than I had realised and by B’bridge it was still raining and not much fun. I headed towards Ripon but every time I had ambitions to continue North, it rained again-or really ,it had never quite stopped so I decided that the best place for coffee could be achieved by a meandering route through various well known lanes, and one new one, to get back home . Of course, when I got home ,things were looking brighter so I regretted that but at least it had been more fun than a turbo in the garage. Nick