WW Saturday Ride to Easingwold, 45 miles, 23 July 2022.

The planned ride to Fountains Abbey was changed to ensure two of the riders were back home by 1pm. So a flatter route was adopted.
Five of us arrived at the Shambles for a 9.00am start, Bob L, Pete C, Pete D, Gavin and me Steve B.
We rolled out towards Knaresborough and onto Farnham where after the drag out of Farnham we headed to Staveley.
Now you could be forgiven for making the wrong choice of which rider was dropped on the approach to Staveley. Gavin hailed me as I was doing the leading ( Ride Leader for the day), to say we were down to four. Somehow we had lost Pete D. ( could be too many Pete’s in the club), question what had happened? Mechanical maybe. Anyway I rode back to find him but to no avail and then tried ringing, no answer. To cut a long story short we assumed he had taken a left turning heading towards Bishop Monkton. Pete C tried ringing , straight to voicemail. After about 15 minutes we headed onto Minskip and Boroughbridge. I took the view that Pete knew we were going to Easingwold and would catch us up. Riding via Thornton Bridge we headed east towards Raskelf and our cafe stop at Easingwold.
Not to be out done and on the approach to Raskelf, who should sail past us at break neck speed was Pete D , shouting you didn’t wait for me!
I sensed a court hearing in front of the committee was to follow with either execution at dawn or years of Club servitude!😂 Glad to say he was fine and he gave us the story as to why we couldn’t find him. I had visions of being first to lose a rider on a Club run.
We enjoyed the cafe stop and a catch up.
The return journey was less eventful as we came back via Aldwark Bridge, Whixley and up Rudgate to Walton where I issued Jelly Babies to bribe the others to give me a glowing review. Parting ways we headed home and I think we were back in just the right time. Thanks guys for an enjoyable ride despite all.

Steve B