WW Tuesday Ride, Selby via the Sahara, it certainly felt like it.

Normally the Weather Forecasters couldn’t forecast a p*** up in a Brewery however they must be upping their game with a report of extremely high temperatures. Certainly as the morning progressed it did get warmer.
That didn’t stop 8 hardened Englishmen arriving at BS for a steady ride. They were Road Captain Frank, Pete D, Brendan, Nick, Mark, Bill, Michael ( a day off from the hills) and me Steve B.
Pete C felt it more sensible to stay in doors and Steve P who was coming had a hot wobble 🥵.
A number of us noticed Frank had no water bottle and he said a visit to the local shop before leaving was the plan. A bottle cage for his birthday maybe? Frank announced due to the warm conditions a steady ride to Selby was the plan.
Setting off through BS we turned right towards Stutton and then onto the A162 before turning to Ulleskelf and Cawood. Warning instructions on the road instructed us to heed Frank’s words.
Apart from a drink stop we comfortably rode into Selby and our usual haunt The Hub. Coffees, cold drinks, light cakes were the order of the day as we sat outside under the umbrellas. Thanks to the cafe for filling water bottles including ice.
We took a steady return via Bishopwood, Biggin and Ulleskelf to the A162. The temperature on my Garmin climbed to 39.1c hardly into the 40s 🥵
Pete D and Brendan left us for Church Fenton at Bishopwood to take a more direct route home, the rest of the guys turned to Stutton and home while I went to Tadcaster and onto Wetherby.

A great ride with top company.
Thanks to Frank.

Steve B