Boston Spa – Ripley, Tuesday 28th June 2022, 40 miles

We started out with Frank, John B, Nick, Bill, Kenn, Bob L and me (Keith) when we set off from Boston Spa on the dot at 09:22 (like the railways, we have a published timetable and a working timetable!). We headed up to Wetherby with the wind behind us then along the A168 where we were joined by Nick. Our first coffee stop was at Rabbit Hill where we met up with Kathy and Geoff who were joining us for the rest of the ride and Steve Booker who had called in to say hi before heading for a loop around York. John B also left us here to head up to Rainton.

After coffee, we rode west through Arkendale, Farnham, Scotton, Brearton and Nidd before arriving at Ripley. At this point, Kathy left us to head into Harrogate to get her bike fixed and Geoff headed back to Knaresborough. After another coffee stop in Ripley, the remaining group rode the cycle path and Beryl Burton Way into Knaresborough. Nick left us at North Deighton, Bill in Wetherby and Frank at Boston Spa leaving Kenn, Bob and I to ride gently back to Bramham. A good ride albeit with more interchanges than a Super League game!