Boston Spa – Fairburn, Tuesday 21st June 2022, 40 miles

By 09:16, Frank, Nick John and Keith were ready to go – we waited a few more minutes for latecomers but needn’t have bothered. Frank had decided we should head south so we went back through Bramham and on through Aberford and Micklefield. At the last minute, we decided to take a detour through Ledsham and Ledston coming back to Fairburn alongside Fairburn Ings with lots of birds on display. Nick had to be back for an appointment so we cut straight across to Hillam rather than looping through Birkin. The Potting Shed café hadn’t opened due to illness so we turned North and stopped at Penny’s café in Sherburn instead. After that, it was an unusually brisk ride through Tadcaster and back to Boston Spa. All in all, a warm and pleasant morning to be out on the bike!