Wetherby – Haworth, Thursday 16th June 2022, 78 miles, 6565ft of climbing

On a hot and sunny Thursday morning 10 Wheelers (Graham, Pete, Dennis, Greg, Phil, Glyn, Bob, Mike Bos, Bill and Me) gathered in the Shambles for a hilly ride to Haworth. We set off the ‘lumpy’ way from the start through Linton and Collingham up onto the ridge above Collingham before dropping down to Scarcroft to make our way up again past Eccup Reservoir and onto Bramhope. The Corner Cup cafe in Bramhope looked very inviting so we decided to stop there for a coffee and sat out in the sun contemplating what was to come. Bob and Mike turned back at this point saving themselves for the weekend and the Dragon Ride in Mike’s case, but Sean caught up with us having called ahead with his coffee order.
So, after coffee, 9 Wheelers made their way to Bingley via the Chevin and a quiet route around Guiseley up onto to the moors before dropping down into Bingley where we crossed the river Aire and then made a quick ascent back up again to regain the lost altitude. The first of many ups and downs which took us through Oxenhope, right on top of the moors. We ignored all the shortcuts to Haworth – sign said 2 miles to Haworth at one point but we ignored that and went on….trusting that Graham knew what he was doing and that we were no doubt avoiding some crazy steep climbs! 😀.
Arriving in Haworth we all made a quick ‘dash’ up the cobbles imagining that we were Simon Yates or whoever our individual professional heroes were. We regrouped at the top and asked a local for recommendations on where to get lunch, settling on a nearby cafe where we could sit inside and cool down out of the sun. Studying the menu the word quickly got round that they did beans on toast only to be disappointed when they only had enough baked beans in for 2 of us and were not inclined to pop round to the Co-Op to buy any more!! I had a very good panini instead which was fine.
After lunch there were more hills including the Cotes de GooseEye which apparently was 19.8% in places and it felt like it. The roads were pretty quiet and we had lovely views from the top of the hills to encourage us!

Back down to cross the main road we headed into Silsden where I made the mistake of saying to Phil that the hills weren’t as steep from now on, expecting that we would be taking the steady main road out towards Addingham. Sorry Phil, I was wrong! More of the steep stuff to get us back onto the top of the moors again before dropping into Addingham and then back to Ilkley for well-deserved ice creams. Not sure how I made it home from there but it was a great day out and a great sense of achievement!