Wetherby – Bedale and a story, Sunday 12th June 2022, 60 miles

Sunday Morning 12 June and the Runs List says Richmond. However, it is blowing a right hoolie, ( Storm Alex, I’m told), and three of the four of us went there recently so we used that as an excuse to reconsider. The four were, me,(Nick), Bill, Graham and Frank, and because I was running a bit late in the morning they picked me up on the A168. Frank soon peeled off for home and an appointment and the remaining three reckoned that Bedale would be far enough in the breeze as it was. So…… Bedale via pretty Kirklington for coffee and flapjack and when we came out we were sorry to find that the wind hadn’t dropped so we were buffeted down to Tanfield and Ripon for more coffee and sarnies. There wasn’t much to write about the journey back so since we went through Burneston on the way up, here is a story about one of its Vicars. From BBC History Mag. It’s about the 1879 Wimbledon Final and the Winner-John Thorneycroft Hartley.. Hartley was the Vicar of Burneston from 1874 to 1917. The 1879 semi-final was played on a Monday and Hartley “took all his church services on the Sunday. He tended to a gravely ill parishioner thro’ the night, and then rode to Thirsk Station on the Monday morning to catch the train to Kings Cross. A cab took him to Waterloo for the Wimbledon train and in the cab he changed into his tennis kit” He arrived in time to play Cecil Parr and won three sets to one. And went on to win the final! Beat that Federer.