Boston Spa to Stockton on the Forest and Pocklington, Tuesday 7th June 2022, 72 miles

Frank was unable to host the usual Tuesday ride and he asked me if I could cover for him. Apparently the barrel was virtually empty on who to choose.
So on Monday evening I posted a flat ride from BS church to Dean’s Garden centre at Stockton on the Forest and Pocklington, thinking this would be a steady outing. There was little interest on Watsapp so I thought I was in for an easy day, as the wife says, I am always wrong. Suffice to say 11 riders turned up excited and ready to go. They were Kenn, Bob L, Fred, Pete D, Nick, Kathy, John, Phil Robertson, Keith, Alec and me Steve B.
After the usual greetings we set off from BS over the Wharfe to Walton and then Wighill.
With so many of us we split into two groups with Nick handling the second and me the first. Good job he and a few others showed some smart decision making. Our route took us to Copmanthorpe and Bishopthorpe with Pete D in his usual position driving the group from the front. I resisted riding through the centre of York from Askham Bryan and took the Millennium bridge passing Cycle Heaven before turning right onto the A19 briefly and then left through Heslington and past the University. A straight journey took us to the A1079 Hull road where we turned right then left to Osbaldwick and Murton. At this stage we had not seen the second group and despite Nick saying he knew the way I was hoping they were fine. From Murton we headed east and taking a left joined the Stockton road just before turning left into Dean’s at 11.00am. Around 23 miles completed.
Myself, Fred, Bob L, Pete D and Phil settled at a table for refreshments. We began to wonder where the second group were, needn’t have worried as they eventually arrived having taken a detour shall we say.
We had already lost Fred as he had to get back and skipped Coffee, pocket money increase might be in order Fred. In addition Nick had said he needed to be home early and a large number of others didn’t wish to do the whole route, which meant only four brave souls decided to soldier on. They were Kathy, Pete D, Phil R and myself. The rest of the group took the route back via Haxby, Poppleton, Tockwith and BS I believe. Still a decent round trip. 👍
We eventually set off and with Pete again performing strongly we headed to Stamford Bridge and thru the town towards Yapham and Pocklington but via some very quiet lanes. Stopping at the Market street cafe three of us had beans on toast while Phil enjoyed a cheese salad sandwich. With Kathy’s help we identified on social media where Graham normally stops so next time.
We had had a discussion enroute whether the Allerthorpe cafe would be open on a Tuesday but decided to play safe hence the stop at Pocklington. Setting off back towards Melbourne we called briefly to check the opening times. Kathy they open on Tuesdays 😀.
I have to say we were not hanging around on our journey back and took the usual route via Sutton on Derwent, Elvington and Wheldrake where a brief stop for jelly babies before cracking onto Escrick and Naburn via Moor Lane. We crossed the Ouse via the cycle track and turned left to Acaster Malbis and then to Copmanthorpe picking up our outward route. Pete travelling further peeled off towards Bilborough and Tadcaster leaving the three of us to ride to Wighill and Walton where we said our goodbyes with me heading to Wetherby and Kathy and Phil to their car’s at BS. Thanks for the company and a great ride guys.