Wetherby – Bolton Bridge, Sunday 5th June 2022, 40 miles

Was it my pessimistic weather forecast, Skipton, or Jubilee celebrations which kept everyone at home today? I was aware of two who couldn’t make it and there were no What’s App messages so when the Shambles remained devoid of Wheelers for a short time after 9.00 I set off thinking of Skipton but with an option to re-asses at Bolton Bridge. So there I was at Bolton Bridge. Coffee and flapjack and still wondering just a little about Skipton but I didn’t want to be late back and my mind was made up when I left the café to find it had started to rain. I headed for home but since the rain wasn’t bad I made up for the shorter miles by taking in Langbar ( photo near the top where the car park used to be), and, later, Kearby Cliff. The rain stayed drizzly with just a few miles of proper rain around Dunkeswick and the last few miles were almost dry so not a bad outing at all.