Boston Spa – Melmerby, Tuesday 31st May 2022, 60 miles

Wet, squalid and miserable was the most accurate description of the Tuesday morning weather awaiting Wetherby Wheelers, which was correctly predicted by the Met Office. Despite this, and in a truly courageous (stubborn ?) manner, an impressive and hardy 6 wheelers turned out to face the elements.

Frank, Kenn, Pete C and D, and Steve P presented themselves for business dressed in a variety of sporting gear and Bob, in particular, appeared very dapper sporting a new pair of yellow luminous shoe outers. Bob disclosed he ordered red but the warehouse picker was colourblind.

Frank quite sensibly suggested a shorter club ride, given the meteorological conditions. The group, a combined age of 425 years, then departed for the Rabbit Hill cafe, on the A168, to take in coffee and discuss the day’s further expeditionary route. Nick joined the group on the way.

After coffee, the group split into 2 sections. Pete C, Kenn and Bob (who had to return early) left in a clockwise route home, taking in the Ouseburn villages. Pete C later communicated all 3 returned back securely to base. The remaining 4 formed another group and set sail for Melmerby.

Soon after departure, the weather stabilized and halfway en route to Melmerby the sunshine was gratefully received and remained until early afternoon.

After lunching at Melmerby the crew returned southwards via Nunwick, Hutton Conyers and then the Ripon bypass to cut down journey time given the looming dark clouds.

2 developments occurred on the approach to Knaresbrough. 1 crew member became increasingly desperate and frustrated in locating an outside toilet stop.

Eventually, this objective was accomplished and the author of this report is happy to report that the club’s recently introduced Urination Policy was successfully complied with and audited as such.

Additionally, the dark storm clouds had given way to heavy rain At this point Frank, quite sensibly, recommended stopping at the Watermill Cafe until the storm ceased. Unfortunately, and incorrectly, Frank was unanimously overruled…resulting in everyone getting sodden for the rest of the ride (point to note….Listen to Frank in future !!)

Despite increasingly poor conditions, everyone returned home safely. A good ride was had by all.

Steve P