Wetherby – Leathley, Saturday 28th May 2022, 40 miles

6 of us met at the Shambles, Bob L, Glyn, Phil W., Pete D, Nick and myself, Pete C.

Nick’s plan was the long way round to Pool via Sicklinghall, North Rigton, Almscliffe Crag, Stainburn, Leathley to the cafe at Pool for coffee and cakes (quite hilly). When two young attractive ladies disembarked from their car, we had a short, healthy, clean discussion about the opposite sex (my memory fails me at times!), Now refreshed, so onwards to Castley, Weeton, Dunkeswick, Kirkby Overblow and heading towards Pannal then turning right and right again to Spofforth, North Deighton and back to base. On the narrow road between Stainburn and Leathley I was very lucky to avoid an accident when a large 4×4 car came too fast round a bend going up the hill and left me only about 2ft of space. I think my elbow may have touched the wing mirror when it went past me. I didn’t know I could swear that much! About 40 miles for me and I guess about 51 for Glyn and Pete D.

An enjoyable ride, so thanks to Nick.

Pete C