Wetherby – Pocklington, Thursday 26th May 2022, 74 miles

Rain was threatening with a strong westerly wind as 10 Wheelers (Steve P. Nick, Graham, Mike Bos, Mike Br, Greg, Sean Glyn, Phil W and me) met in the Shambles. A mixture of winter bikes, raincoats and summer wear was the order of the day depending on whether you were an optimist (the rain will die out before it reaches us) or a pessimist (heavy rain likely all day). I opted for something in the middle – covering all possibilities!

It was either the threat of the rain or the fact that we were all recovering from the previous night’s social evening which was a curry and a few drinks, but there was not much chatter as we headed out of Wetherby towards Wighill. Graham commented on how quiet we were. Unfortunately it was not long before the rain started so it was raincoats on. Luckily we managed to out-cycle the rain and before long we had dried out and were enjoying the feeling of incredible fitness due to the strong tailwind!

We headed through York and out towards Stockton-on-the-Forest where we stopped at Deans Garden Center for a coffee and in my case a huge scone. Greg was wearing a pair of skintight overshoes to keep his feet dry and explained how difficult it was to get them on – having to go through a complicated contortionist routine to squeeze his feet into them and then somehow stretch them over his shoes. I do hope he managed to get them off when he got home before he went to bed!

After coffee we headed towards Stanford Bridge trying out a little bumpy lane through some pretty farmland for a mile or so before deciding that it wasn’t going anywhere except back to York. So we all turned around and decided to stick to more well known roads. Lunch was at a farm shop in Pocklington and we had still managed to out-cycle the rain for most of the ride so far. Unfortunately the rain caught up with us whilst we stopped for lunch and so it was raincoats on and heads down into the rain and wind to get home.

We headed back through Elvington and Whedrake and decided to stop at Naburn Marina for a final coffee to dry out before the final stretch back to Wetherby. We sat outside in the covered area and ordered a coffee for Nick who finally appeared having been talking to an old friend inside the cafe. He said he thought there was a party going on inside, which resulted in the inevitable discussion about what constitutes a party. There was loud music and cake apparently but not a Karaoke so we were unsure if that constituted a party or not.

The sun came out for the last 15 miles home through Copmanthorpe, Askham Bryan and Wighill so we had all dried out by time we got back to Wetherby, at which point I assume Steve turned on his transistor radio that he had carried with him all day strapped to his arm, to help him back home to Garforth. All in all a great day out!