WW Tuesday Ride to Askern, 60 miles, 17 May 2022.

On a warm sunny morning ten of us met at BS church ready and excited. Who wouldn’t be as short bibs, no arm warmers and happy smiles were the order of the day.
Frank had chosen a trip to Askern which meant no ice axes and crampons necessary.
Frank, Kathy, Mark, Bill, Nick, Bob L, Simon (today’s guest rider), Pete C, Brendan, and me Steve B.
Pete D had indicated he was coming so I assume his sick note will say, double booked so rode with the Garforth gang.
This caused a short quandary of who would ride on the front, thankfully our Road Captain took the initial reins.
Heading out through BS to Bramham and over the A64 to Aberford. Our journey out was into the breeze but it didn’t deter a respectable tempo.
On through Micklefield onto the Great North road where we then got into a good pace line heading south past Fairburn, Brotherton and turning towards Sutton and Birkin. A bus followed by some cars disrupted our routine, clearly size matters when confronted with whose right of way.
The early chit chat returned as we rode to Birkin where we took advantage of the mens toilet facilities even though the cafe was closed. Sorry Kathy we didn’t plan for the ladies to be locked 😀.
Both Bob and Nick had to be back early so they headed to Hillam and home, an old trick to avoid doing the ride report and one which Brendan and Pete used by riding on later rather than stopping at the second cafe point. 😀
Our journey picked up pace as we rode onto Beal, Womersley, Campsall before dropping into Askern shortly before 12 noon.
Our usual watering hole was the cafe on the Lakeside where the locals were holding their own sailing regatta.
As we had ample time knowing the breeze would be with us on the return we set about beans on toast, full Askern English, bacon and sausage sandwiches, baked potato as well as hot drinks. Frank insisted on having his food from Cooplands, that current slice looked dodgy Frank.
Setting off back via the A19 we again had a strong pace line heading north with yours truly doing an initial turn before Yogi Bear, not Ian Stannard, but the WW equivalent, Brendan took over. Both he and I make the best wind breaks. I did notice Mark was ably holding station to the rear, 😀, looking after our guest Simon.
Retracing our ride through Chapel Haddersley we rode into Beal where once again the narrow bridge had on coming traffic and most of the group were desperately trying to get a lower gear, loads of clanking, before nipping over the hump.
Riding through Birkin, Hillam and Monk Fryston we soon had South Milford and Sherburn on our radar. The planned stop at Penny’s wasn’t possible as she closes at 2pm. However we called at the garden centre up the road for coffee, tea, scones and cake. As I mentioned earlier two of the group made a couple of feeble excuses and rode on ahead.
Service and food was good and we discussed the need to ensure an early Christmas meal booking. One for the Committee!
The final leg took us up the A162 to Tadcaster and then onto BS. Not before I thought I had stolen a march at the front only for Bill to come over the top closely followed by Kathy, a couple of execets I think, leaving me spitting dust in their wake . Arriving in BS we all took our own routes home.
Top job Road Captain and thanks for an excellent ride as well as sparkling company.