WW Tuesday Ride, Bedale circuit, 75 miles, 10 May 2022.

Frank had posted he wouldn’t be out and initially no one else seemed to be out either, no Watsapp messages. I posted I was thinking of riding to Bedale as it was across the westerly wind and would be at BS church as usual. At this point there was an influx of responses. Frank could make the morning only, Pete D and Steve P were coming as well. In addition Bob L , Bill and Keith also arrived. So 7 of us set off over the Wharfe to the Walton road and Wetherby. Taking the A168 as it provided protection with the trees etc we headed to Boroughbridge with Pete D setting the tempo and onto Rainton and Melmerby. The cafe was our first stop for a coffee and a regroup. With Frank needing to get back the group split with 4 returning home and just Pete, Steve P and myself continuing on to Bedale via the villages. The plan was to turn east from Bedale with a stop at Topcliffe having already paused at Melmerby.
We took advantage of the wind heading east through Leeming Bar, Ainderby Steeple before turning south to Warlaby, South Otterington and Topcliffe.
My thoughts turned to the speed the pros ride and while we were on the flat and down wind it was a great feeling pedalling away at 25 mph.
I digress, Pete and I shared the work south towards Topcliffe where for the second time my attempts to enjoy the cafe again failed. No sandwiches left etc which meant we had to use the post office for a drink and a sandwich. Maybe third time lucky.
With about 20 miles left to do to Wetherby we set off for Cundall, Thornton Bridge and Boroughbridge. Again the A168 provided some protection from the wind as we dug deep heading back. I have to say removing the gilet and arm warmers for the second half in the warm sun 🌞 felt great.
Arriving back at Wetherby I waved Pete and Steve a safe journey home from a most enjoyable day. Thanks for the company chaps.
I believe the others got home okay.