Wetherby – Terrington, Sunday 8th May 2022, 68 miles

It was a colder than forecast start and hard to decide what to wear, so those Wheelers that had been out in shorts and short-sleeved tops on Thursday (and were too cold all day) turned out in long leggings and long sleeved tops whilst those riders who had been overdressed and too hot on Thursday decided to go for shorts today. So again, the result was some were too cold and others were too hot! 7 Wheelers (Nick, Frank, Pete D, Bill, Geoff, Graham, Kathy) set off from the Shambles riding out to Great Ouesburn and over Aldwark Bridge. After the cold start where everyone was wearing every layer that they had brought with them It turned out to be a lovely sunny day and by the time we got to Huby and stopped for coffee at the village shop, we were all stripping off layers and basking in the sun. After finding out that the shop accepted card payments, I decided to have a coffee from their machine but only to find when I took it to the counter to pay that I had to spend £2 to pay by card and the coffee was only £1.50! So I bought some flapjack to help me up Terrington Bank and which was needed as I had forgotten how steep it was! Bob rode out from Harrogate and met us at Huby and the 8 of us then rode onto Terrington. Approaching the bottom of the hill from Sheriff Hutton we could see Terrington Bank looming in front of us. We all rode to the top at our own speed with the gradient reaching 14% in the steepest parts and we regrouped at the top to head into the village for our lunch stop.

After a good lunch with some huge slabs of cake consumed by Frank and Geoff we set off east towards Castle Howard before heading south to York through Stockton-on-the-Forest. We cycled along quiet country lanes enjoying the sunshine and trees and hedges laden with blossom. York seemed incredibly busy after the quiet villages we had just been cycling through and there was the usual dodging of buses and past queues of cars. We decided to head out through Acomb and then to Askham Richard where Bob and Geoff peeled off. Pete turned off towards Tadcaster soon after and then there were 5 heading back to Walton where we said goodbye to Nick and Frank leaving me and Bill hanging onto Graham’s wheel as he put in a final spurt to blast us back into Wetherby for 4 o’clock. A great day out!