Wetherby – not Pocklington, Tuesday 3rd May 2022, up to 50 miles

It looks as if Pocklington is not to be visited by the wheelers this month. Following the zero+1 turnout on Sunday, Frank had planned it for Tuesday’s ride. I had to make a late start so arranged to meet on Naburn Bridge.

After a long wait, an advance party came to say they had a problematic puncture down the road and the rest of the group was trying to fix it. Another long wait before John Baker turns up with the news that problems are ongoing so we started riding back to meet the unhappy group. By this time, Steve P’s tyre was holding some air but the valve seemed difficult to manage for some reason. I wasn’t involved so don’t know what it was but we thought we would ride to Crockey Hill and make new plans over coffee.

Pete D had had enough and went towards Wheldrake alone. John Baker had left already. At Strawberry Fields it was agreed that Pocklington was now off the agenda, and Bill, Keith and Kathy sensibly went off for a ride around Cawood.

That left Frank, Pete C, Steve P and me to head to Cycle Heaven to borrow a track pump. Some of us bought spare tubes. Their café isn’t open on Tuesdays and the nice one on Fossgate was busy – plus we didn’t have ‘town’ locks, so we rolled over the racecourse to Little Acorns for lunch. Pete had a time to meet at home so we all went to his place for a final coffee. When I got home I rode down to Tockwith for a bit of shopping which made the milage only just under 50. Not like Pocklington but not bad considering and our group had a good time. Hope the others did too.

Those out were Pete C, Pete D, Bill, Kathy, Keith, Steve W, Frank and me ( Nick) , with the usual Tuesday guest appearance by John Baker.