Wetherby – Ripon, Sunday 1st May 2022, 35 miles

Only one rider (me) appeared in the Shambles this morning. I stayed on a bit and chatted to some friends who were going to the café for an early breakfast but when no one else came I considered my options:

1) Have a coffee and go home- what’s the point of that?
2) Extended solo ride – nice idea but weather a bit unreliable
3) Short ride and get home for lunch- take the dog a longer walk

I decided on 3 so set off for Ripon. When there I nearly went for a coffee in Oliver’s but the mileage hardly justified that so I returned via B’bridge and the Ouseburns where a few posters are out for the Green Party next Thursday.
Again, I decided against coffee but I did stop to buy a goose egg at that wayside stall just beyond Aldborough. After that I rode home carefully- it arrived safely.