Sun 3 April

Wetherby- White Horse. Sunday 3 April.

For those of us who had not been up The White Horse yet this year, this was the day. Not a large group but enough with Nick, Graham, Simon, Frank and Fred. Weather not very warm but OK. All uneventful to Easingwold and nice coffee and almond slices at Fika and then towards Coxwold by the quiet route taking in the spectacular views past the “Mucky Farm” which was at least dry(ish) today. At the bottom of the following hill Frank had a puncture and while we stopped to fix it Roy North turned up by chance and hung around for the duration of the repair before going of in search of a hill or something.( What? We were going up the White Horse). After Coxwold, Fred left us , thereby missing the fun part, and the photograph taken by a dog walker, so only four arrived at the foot of the Horse. We went up slowly- at least Frank and I did. I managed to keep Simon in sight until the last couple of bends and waited for Frank not far behind. We found a space at the Gliding Club Caff where we could watch the planes taking off and watch the road to see if any other cyclists had been so daft.But no, just planes.
Going down Sutton Bank we all agreed later that although the gradient requires care, the worst problem is the lousy road surface which taken at speed was responsible for some colourful languagebut luckily that was carried away by the wind noise. Left turn on a quiet road and home via Bagby and Sessay where Frank and Simon took advantage of the slipstream of a couple of riders- one with an e bike. Respect to the other one- I couldn’t do that pace.
Then a quick tea in B’bridge and home for a beer
PS We had another puncture too so I was able to practice with my new tool.(See website).