Wetherby – Boroughbridge and Bishop Monkton, Saturday 19th March 2022, 42 miles

Just two of us out on Saturday, Phil W and me Steve B.
it was a fine day and despite the building breeze nothing was going to spoil the outing having recovered from my gout.
I decided we would take the route anti-clockwise with an early stop at cafe Plenty in Boroughbridge as Phil reported it was one of his favourite stops, as he is a connoisseur of sausage rolls. I assume he has sampled many cafe sausage rolls around the globe.
We rolled out on the Walton road and hung a left onto Rudgate, over the Nidd and through Cattal to Whixley taking the Thorpe Underwood route to Great Ouseburn and through the Dunsforths. The conversation covered Phil’s new bike and our respective careers, best not bore you with the latter.
Sat outside the cafe but who should turn up travelling the same route but clockwise were Keith and Darren, after introductions and fancy seeing you we rode on west to BM turning south for Copgrove and Farnham.
Phil seemed very pleased his new bike was performing as desired, [maybe his fitness was making his bike look good] and after Knaresborough at Little Ribston he turned right to approach Wetherby summit and home from Spofforth, leaving me to soldier on via Kirk Deighton and home.
Very enjoyable and excellent company.

Steve B