Boston Spa – Bubwith, Tuesday 15th March 2022, 60 miles

We started with 7 riders (Pete C, Kenn, Bob, John B, Nick, Frank and me (Keith) when we headed out of Boston Spa with military precision at 09:25. We looped through Wighill and Healaugh before crossing the A64 and heading into Copmanthorpe.

At that point, Nick explained that he was leaving us to do some shopping in York – personally, I would rather stick pins in my eyes but Nick was clearly having a Fred morning so there was no way he would continue with us.

We went through Naburn then across Moor Lane to Escrick where Frank stopped to buy a drink which gave the rest of us a handy 20min breather. After that, we went through Skipwith and North Duffield before we reached the café in Bubwith. By this time, we had dropped are (sic) friends electric – I blamed Pete and he blamed Frank but fortunately they arrived 5mins later so no harm done!

After coffee and cake, we went along the flatlands to Sutton-on-Derwent before turning at Elvington towards Wheldrake where John left us to continue through Escrick while the rest of us headed to Crockey Hill. At the traffic lights, Frank performed his classic dummy, moving to the right suggesting a coffee stop before accelerating hard to the left just as the lights were changing. Bob clung on but the rest of us had to catch up once the lights changed again.

Frank and Bob were a way back as we joined the railway path (using the entrance we had used a couple of hours earlier) but Frank decided he and Bob would make it interesting by going to the main road to join the path at the next entrance. Fortunately, I had him sussed so we were able to re-group to avoided more excitement.

At Copmanthorpe, the others stopped at Little Acorns for another coffee but I had had enough excitement for one day so I left them to it and headed back the way we came.

A good ride in good company with great weather – I might get used to this retirement lark!

Keith Robinson