Wetherby – Selby, Sunday 13th March 2022, 60 miles

Sunday morning started with an early morning WhatsApp message from Geoff requesting, due to the forecast of very strong SW winds, that the route be changed from Ilkley to Selby.

On arrival at the Shambles I (Simon) was joined by Bob, Pete D, Sean, Frank and Geoff. After a short discussion Frank (lead) and the rest of the motley crew agreed with the proposed change in destination. What took a little longer to agree upon was the route.

We eventually set off in the direction of Tadcaster via Boston Spa / Clifford. The group split slightly en-route and so we re-grouped in Tadcaster. From here we made our way to Ulleskelf where we made a decision to go into two groups. Frank and Geoff took the more direct route to Selby via Ryther, Cawood and Wistow. The other group led by Bob (at quite a pace) took a route via Church Fenton and Bishop Wood. The wind was pretty tough and head into wind whichever route was taken. By some miracle, both groups arrived in Selby more or less at the same time.

A bit of dithering followed but we eventually rounded on The Hub. Due to the poor timing of our arrival at the cafe, there was a 30 min wait for bacon sandwiches, so most opted for a warm sausage roll or pasty (Geoff had his pastie with beans – must be a welsh thing). We were joined at lunch by Steve Ward.

Having re-fuelled we set off for the return leg buoyed by the fact the wind would be behind us. Frank and Geoff decided to retrace their steps through Cawood etc. The other five of us set off via Selby golf course to Lumby, South Milford and Sherburn. On this stretch the group slowly splintered taking respect individual routes home (Sean followed by Pete and finally Steve). From Sherburn I was able to cling onto Bob’s rear wheel into Tadcaster. On the way to Boston Spa we caught up with Frank who, after being re-energised by eating Geoff’s jelly babies had managed to lose each other in Ulleskelf. Bob and I crossed the river in Boston Spa and parted company in Thorpe Arch. Bob continued to his watering hole to meet Geoff.

The final twist in the day was the news that Graham had set out slightly later and planned to meet us in Ilkley at the Cockpit cafe (sorry Graham).

Quite a challenging ride in the wind but a good training session and it was dry!