Wetherby – Dishforth, Thursday 24th February 2022, 40 miles

Mr Bosomworth rides solo

This week one intrepid Wheeler left the Shambles shortly after 09:30. Plan as circulated Wednesday evening, was to ride to Boroughbridge before heading for Masham, weather permitting. So Billy No-Mates headed along the A168, before turning off for Whixley and down the debris and pothole-strewn track (road would be too flattering a description) to cross the railway line (pedestrian crossing gates a bit of a challenge!) and up to Whixley. From there through Great Ouseburn, the Dunsfords and in to Boroughbridge having negotiated several road closures! Thus far fairly sunny, but wind increasing. Coffee at the Bean Emporium. Coffee excellent, toasted teacake average, but waitress more interested in talking to her friends/regular customers than serving me!! Fortunately, another member of staff saw my frustration increasing! Refreshed I set off towards Dishforth, still intending to head for Masham. However, as I turned left, just before Dishforth, towards the A168 I was hit by a fierce headwind and what turned out to be a relatively short-lived snow flurry. However, it was in line with the weather forecast (met office) which was suggesting strong winds and snow in Masham early afternoon. The sky towards Masham wasn’t inviting and especially as I was on my own, I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and turned back towards Boroughbridge. At the first roundabout back along the A168 I turned right to Roecliffe and on to Bishop Monkton. From there the usual route to Knaresborough and back to Wetherby through Little Ribston etc.

Overall the weather wasn’t too bad, but as I headed back to Wetherby through North Deighton the sky out towards Masham was even less inviting than had been the case earlier and the wind strength had increased further. So probably made the correct, if relatively boring decision to turn back when I did. If nothing else the Wetherby Wheelers Thursday ride happened!!

Mike Bo