Boston Spa – Knaresborough, Tuesday 8th February 2022, 33 miles

With a rainy day forecast, 5 riders set off from B.Spa: Bob, Kenn, Nick, Frank and me. Hadn’t gone far when the weather did what it said it would do! Usual route through Thorp Arch, Walton., Rudgate, Cattal and down to the A59 which was very busy. Frank got across but the rest of us had to wait for a break in the traffic. On through Whixley to the main Boroughbridge/York road, turning left and left again to Marton Cum Grafton then the A168 to Rabbit Hill cafe. It was quite wet by this time. Frank demolished his cake quickly – no wonder he is so fat! (Just where does he put it all!). A discussion then started over the new rules for pedestrian and cycling safety. After leaving the feeding station, Nick left us to go home whilst the four of us set off for Knaresborough via Arkendale and Farnham whereupon Frank suggested we go to the cafe on Waterside. On arrival, not being hungry, I decided to head for home leaving Bob Kenn and Frank to sample bacon and egg sandwiches. Only 33 miles covered in poor weather but still enjoyable, although I for one was glad to get home to dry out.

Pete C