Wetherby – Bolton Bridge, Thursday 3rd February 2022, 63 miles

Last week saw 6 riders turn up in the Shambles and one ring in to declare he had a puncture in Collingham. I’ll meet you in Burley was Mike Bosomworth’s message.

So, six riders set off for Sicklinghall and the normal route towards Pool. Those being Graham, Greg, Sean, Glyn, Pete Dack and Michael Brawley. At Pool we took the flat valley road through Otley and continued along the lower road to our coffee stop at the cockpit cafe in Burley. We had not long arrived when Mike caught us up. The cafe was pleasantly busy and tea cakes were clearly the order of the day.

We then set off towards Bolton Bridge with a promised climb to come. We crossed the river at the iron bridge and then back again at the old Ilkley bridge. Then it was through Addingham and up the road towards Silsden. Apparently one of Pete Dack’s favourite climbs. At the brow of the hill, we turned right into Cringles Lane. Then we took another right towards Haygill Nook and Draughton. There’s a great view from the top of the climb but unfortunately the sun wasn’t on show. There then followed a long descent down through Draughton, onto the main Harrogate road and a fast blast down to Bolton Bridge.

We had a fairly leisurely lunch and then took the north side of the valley road back home. Glyn, Michael Brawley and Greg left us for Leeds when we got to Pool, while the rest of us headed back to Wetherby via Kirkby Overblow. All in all, it was a nice ride for February. Pete Dack could have taken a short cut through Leeds but decided to do the Full Monty, return to Wetherby and then ride home. Top Marks.