Boston Spa – Copmanthorpe, Tuesday 1st February 2022, 35 miles

4 hardy souls met at the usual meeting place for a forecasted windy, potentially very windy, ride. Frank, Pete C, Alec and Steve P were all aware of the 41 mph westerly winds projected by the Met Office.

Within a fairly short space of time, and with little pedalling involved, the group reached Tadcaster… but a problem emerged shortly after. At Oxton the bridge over the River Foss was closed, not even pedestrians were allowed over. Fortunately, the club’s top navigational brains were present and an alternative route was sorted which involved going back to Tadcaster and heading east along the A64.

At Bilbrough the crew crossed over the A64 through Colton and enjoyed a lovely tailwind to reach the “Little Acorns” cafe well before noon, where Nick was waiting With the cafe full inside lunch was taken in very windy, if not comical, conditions outside.

The return leg proved challenging and involved a 12 mile battle against the forecasted very strong westerly winds through Askham Bryan, Healaugh and Wighill back home. 

However, this section of the ride witnessed an inspirational piece of cycling. Despite being in the middle of ‘Long Covid’ and clearly with respiratory problems, Pete C battled stoically for 90 minutes against the forecast 41mph headwind back to Boston Spa. *

11 miles and 1 hour 26 minutes after leaving Copmanthorpe, journeying at an average speed of 7.5 mph, the Wheelers arrived battered but unscathed and happy back in Boston Spa.

(* this particular comment was in no way influenced by strong coffee and copious amounts of ginger biscuits offered to me by Pete C after the ride)

Steve P