Wetherby – Masham, Thursday 20th January 2022, 66 miles

6 Wheelers met at the usual time at the Shambles…Graham, Mike B, Glynn, Greg, Sean and yours truly Steve P.

The weather must have been cold as Mike was not sporting short trousers. In fact, the temperature was barely 2 degrees and only tipped 5 degrees over the whole day. Fortunately, and surprisingly, there was no sign of frost or ice.

The group set off in a north westerly direction and against the light / moderate wind, which was a good call by Graham.

After North Deighton and Little Ribston a further Wheeler joined the expedition in Knaresbrough. Looking fresh, keen, and with that crucial extra half hour’s preparation time, Dennis made the crew a Magnificent Seven.

Onwards and northwards through Copgrove and Bishop Monkton the group arrived in Ripon at 11.15 am for a very welcome coffee break at Costa Coffee, in the market square. After a short break the Wheelers left, but only after an elderly lady attempted to test the strength of the coffee shop window by launching herself into it. Was this an accident, a penetration security test or an ancient Ripon ritual, perhaps dating back to the middle ages..?…the group resisted taking part and, instead, ensured the woman was ok before leaving.

At this point Glynn told the group he was returning home on his own as he had ridden a very impressive 94-mile ride, only a few days earlier.

Northwards to Wath and then north westwards through West Tanfield and the crew arrived for a very deserved lunch stop in Masham and finally decided on the “Border House Teas Cafe”.

The  Cafe menu then took rightful priority.

Whilst still cold the lovely sunshine, which existed most of the day, enabled the club to lunch merrily outside.

After lunch the main torture of the day…..the ascent up to Grewelthorpe. Fuelled up and with a mild tailwind this normally arduous section of the ride didn’t seem quite as bad. Sean and yours truly ascended steadily leaving the main party to speedily climb and wait, as always, outside the local pub.

Next stop Ripon and group followed the same return route as travelling up.

At Wetherby the group split up, with Mike, Greg, Sean and myself with still a bit more work to do.

Despite very cold conditions the club experienced a very enjoyable, sunny and well planned 60 mile route.

Steve P