Boston Spa – Selby, Tuesday 11th January 2022, 36 miles

Arriving for 9.15 at BS were five of us, Frank, Keith, Steve P, Alec and me Steve B.

The weather was fine with high clouds, little wind but no sunshine. It was Alec’s first outside ride for the new year. Two regulars, Nick had a meeting and Pete C was we believe full of cold, were unable to attend. We set off down through BS towards Tadcaster but hung a right up Rudgate towards the Leeds road and then onto Stutton.

Digressing, I find it quietly amusing that as a country we constantly come up with the same road names even though they are only a few miles apart. No doubt there would be an argument who used it first. Moving on, we turned from Stutton onto the Towton road and then left to Ulleskelf and Cawood. From there we headed South to Selby. A steady chatter accompanied the riding although without my hearing aids I couldn’t tell you much about the conversation. Keith and I had a brief conversation though over the merits of Zwift versus Rouvy.

Arriving in Selby we deviated off the route to enable me to find a hole in the wall which caused a split in the group. Thankfully we regrouped and headed to the cafe at the bus station, called Lola’s, unfortunately it was closed. Probably just as well as I was considering breaking into song about Lola’s previous career as a Showgirl.

Shame about the cafe as it was a good stop from memory. Anyway Frank used his charm on one of the Selby lady’s to get us directions to another cafe. An alleyway by the side of Boots lead us to The Hub for much-needed refreshments. A popular place serving decent food and coffee was enjoyed.

Leaving Selby we headed east out of town and then north through Bishopswood and Biggin, towards Church Fenton, and Ulleskelf, retracing our route to the Tadcaster road. Heading west from Tadcaster to BS we stopped to say our goodbyes as we all took our separate routes home. Top route and ride for January, ably marshalled by our Road Captain, thanks again to Frank.

Steve B