Wetherby – York, Sunday 2nd January 2021, 52 miles

Happy New Year and for our first ride, Frank, Nick, Pete D, Bob, Paddy, Michael Br, Fred Lynn and Geoff met in The Shambles. We had a route to York in mind but at the last minute decided to go clockwise to get the longer miles before lunch. Bob led, so off we went in his wake. Geoff dropped out earlier with a good excuse and later on, Fred left us with no particular excuse but a quick reminder, that my offer of coffee stands when he completes a ride. I think he is waiting for an up-market café.

The remaining six followed a circular route around York and in fact, were wondering when Bob was going to take a right into the city, but it was a good ride and only spoilt in the last 10 metres when we found that the Café at Cycle Heaven was closed. We debated where to go next and decided to try our luck in one of the busiest tourist towns in the world. We passed places that were closed and some that were packed out but struck lucky halfway down Walmgate. Because it was York we removed everything removable from our bikes as they were locked and went in to find available space, a welcome, and good food. I will check the name for future occasions. We talked about the nice warm weather and shouldn’t have, of course, because on the way home thro’ Poppleton and Hessay, the clouds came down and I think we all got home a bit wet. Pas de problème. It was fun.

Nick ( again – volunteers please)