Wetherby – Burley in Wharfedale, Thursday 6th January 2022, 40 miles

This Thursday saw just Mike Bosomworth and myself meet up in the Shambles. I had suggested Burley as a destination on Wednesday evening and we had a quick discussion about alternatives before deciding that Burley was as good as any. We set off on time and took the normal route through Sicklinghall towards Pool. The roads were generally fine with just the odd bit of ice in expected places. We had rain forecast for between 1.00 and 2.00 pm and so at Pool we took the main road through Otley and on to the Cockpit Farm cafe in Burley.

Coffee, bacon and cake were enjoyed until looking out of the window we noticed it was snowing. We both put on another layer and headed for home. Luckily the snow didn’t last long and we took the Farnley road out of Otley and then back to Pool. It was then back through Weeton, Kirkby Overblow and home. We thought we had avoided the rain but at Kirkby it started to rain gently but as I had about 4 layers on it wasn’t particularly unpleasant. I got home at 12.50 and Mike went off looking for a Wetherby News before adding a loop through Bramham. Glad to be home before the nasty stuff started.