Last ride before Christmas so the Shambles and Market Place were pretty busy. Present at the start were Graham, Michael Brawley, Mike Bosomworth, Steve Ward, Steve Pearson and Steve Booker, Glyn and me, Nick. We picked up Dennis somewhere as well. Boroughbridge and Plenty café was the destination and the faster lot went via Helperby whilst the others ,inc. me, followed the Great Ouseburn-Dunsforth way and arrived at the rendezvous only a few minutes before them. There were lots of sausage and black pudding sarnies and coffee before setting off to take the Minskip route home. One group again went ahead with talk of meeting for a drink back at headquarters and so they missed the incident at the Morrisons. Four of us were riding in line with Steve P at the front and were passed by a red car which turned left immediately in front of Steve. I don’t know how he stayed on his bike but I thought it might be worth having a polite word with the driver. Since they had now driven in to Morrisons, we followed along and were surprised to be overtaken by a police car who had been behind us and seen the incident. The police were probably thinking that they had best get to that driver before we did, and by the time we had caught up they had the driver out of the car and appeared to be taking details. There was no point in our contributing since it had obviously been seen by the police. The driver called an apology to us and then we rode off and left the police to it.
I don’t know anymore about the end of the ride since I needed to get back and took the shortest route. It began to rain as soon as we parted company. Happy Christmas