Wetherby – York, Sunday 19th December 2021, 50 miles (a guess)

Bit of a dull day weatherwise. When I turned up in Wetherby, there was Bob, soon joined by Frank and Graham. We had a bit of a chat whilst waiting for any latecomers and so we didn’t notice that Bob’s back tyre had gone down. It didn’t take him long to change the tube, then off we went to Wighill, turned left there, and the usual route to Naburn, over the River and on to Crockey Hill and the bikers café.

They do bacon and eggs ok so we thought they might as well, but by the time we left, Frank’s well-known addiction to cake was drawing him, with us all willing, for more coffee (but with cake) at Cycle Heaven. We admired their range of utility bikes, (and the coffee and cake), then set off West via Poppleton and the little road that then get’s you to the A59. Bob and Graham both said they remembered it from many years ago but hadn’t been that way since.

So it’s A59 briefly, then over the pedestrian crossing to Hessay, Marston Moor and Tockwith for Bob’s second puncture. As an Audax man, this didn’t take him long either and he carries three spare tubes, but something here made him a little uneasy although carefully checking the tyre showed no fault. His suspicions proved right when the tyre was flat after half a mile at the end of the lane where I live. Graham and Frank sensibly headed for home but Bob’s tyre needed a closer look in good light so we walked down the lane and set up in my garage. With warm water and a close look, a tiny glass splinter was found. Actually, Frank had kind of foretold this. Anyway, it got fixed, Bob still had a bit of daylight and lights and the day ended well.