Boston Spa to Rabbit Hill, Tuesday 21st December 2021, 34 miles

On the shortest day of the year, the weather was fine and cold but no wind for a change.
Three Christmas Shepherds gathered at Boston Spa church at 9.15. They were Frankincense, Nick ( nickel ) H and me Steve ( base metal ) B. Pensioners can’t afford gold and silver or myrrh.

Can I say at this stage one of our party turned up with a dirty bike! Not something we would allow on a Saturday ride 😀🚲

We set off across the Wharfe up Wood Lane to the Walton road and Wetherby. Blessed with the return of dry roads we headed to Knaresborough and Farnham.

With the festive spirit brewing we had a rendition of an Alternative Jingle Bells –
🎼 Dashing along the roads
On two wheel bicycles
Over the hills we go
Laughing all the way 🎼
Ho Ho Ho Ho 😀😀😀

Not sure it will catch on.

Through Ferrensby and Arkendale to the cafe at Rabbit Hill.

We settled to coffee, cake, bacon and bacon and black pudding sandwiches. Well it helps to keep the cold at bay and it is Christmas. The conversation covered the problems of punctures from Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, Boris is becoming boring.

Warmed up we headed back up the A168 and turned down the Marton cum Grafton road. Enjoying the ride we turned towards Little Ouseburn but not before we commented on the weather getting colder. My Garmin was showing 0.8 degrees centigrade.

We passed a group of cyclists by the road side following that tried and tested routine of watching one poor soul busying himself. In this case a puncture repair, although it could have been telecommunications or the highway’s staring into a hole.

We carried on through Whixley to Cattal and headed up Rudgate. Nick had suggested a cup of tea at his gaff however both Frank and I politely declined. Had it been a large malt and a mince pie we might have bitten your hand off Nick 😂😂😂🥃🥮

Frank and I rode to Walton where we parted company, Frank to Boston Spa and me to Wetherby.

Despite the cold a good day’s ride by the three of us.
We all hoped to be out Thursday with Graham on a shorter ride with maybe a beer to finish. 🍺🍺

Nick, New Year resolution to keep your bike clean 🚲👍😀

Steve B