Wetherby – Naburn, Saturday 18th December 2021, 40 miles

It was Mark L who was on Ride Leader duty for today’s outing. After a few excuses on the weather posted the previous evening not sure which forecast they were looking at! Fog what fog! Well I was late up and arrived just in time to see Mark and Glyn who had ridden over from Leeds in wall to wall sunshine 🌞

Off we went up the cycle track alongside the A168 and onto Bramham and the left turn at the top of the hill by Bowcliffe Hall. From there we headed to Stutton, Ulleskelf and Cawood. Mark showed great composure when another cyclist overtook us and he didn’t chase her down.

Thanks Mark for the steady lead out even if you were suffering with frostbite with the slow pace.
We then picked up the pace onto Naburn and crossed the Ouse via the cycle track. They have been cutting back the bushes and trees to open it up more, plus the route off the track to Howden lane had been widened making it easier to exit.

Cafe stop followed at Copmanthorpe where we were the only customers at the Little Acorns, hope I’m not due a dose of salmon 😂, only joking!

After warming up off we went and had only got onto School Lane when Mark had a rear wheel puncture.
Glyn and I supplied excellent encouragement while Mark performed the repair with ever increasing freezing fingers. Not his lucky day as it was a new tube from yesterday.

We had only gone a mile further when a York Clifton cyclist breezed past us sporting his rear lights on his drops, effective and festive. See photo.

From there we headed through Healaugh and to Walton where the boys broke left for Boston Spa and to their homes while I rode to Wetherby. Not before Mark carried out his Leader duties to the full by directing me which road to take to Wetherby 😀

Great route and ride chaps, many thanks and Merry Christmas.

Ps Mark, am I too late to get my cheese order in for Christmas ? 😂🧀 (Yes you are – Mark)

Steve B