Boston Spa – Wath, Tuesday 30th November 2021, 53 miles

With our Road Captain grounded it was up to the troops to sort out a ride. Firstly we needed a few to turn out.
The forecast was fine but windy yet again.

I arrived at 9.10 and by 9.20 still no one else had arrived. Thinking I was going solo I took a look at my phone to see Phil R was poorly and wouldn’t be coming , but Nick had posted he was running late and where were we 😀😀. Chairman’s prerogative.

Ringing Nick we arranged to meet back at Wetherby on the trusty A168 to decide on our destination. Nick fancied Masham but I managed to rein his horns in by saying with the wind strength increasing a shorter route might be better. We set off up the A168 to Boroughbridge and onto Rainton , the wind proved challenging on the open roads, seemed quicker going backwards at time, so we were pleased to have a cafe stop at Melmerby.

It appears the cafe was proving very popular with cyclists as Geoff M and two companions were there before us and following us in was Dennis M and two others. That gave us the chance to catch up.

Suitably refreshed we headed onto to Wath, Hutton Conyers and then we took the Skelton road to Boroughbridge and the Dunsforths. At the top of Thorpe Underwood village we turned west into a strong westerly (it was like it was waiting for us ) and toiled to the Wixley road. Crossing the A59 and onto Cattal. Leaving Nick to turn left and home on the Cowthorpe road I pressed onto the A168 and home at Wetherby.

Despite the challenging wind it was a fine ride and great to have company. Even Nick was glad to give Masham a miss.
Tuesday ride was a success. 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️😀👍

Steve B