Wetherby – Boroughbridge, Saturday 20th November 2021, 40 miles

A good day for a morning ride and attended by Pete Cartledge, Alec Marley, Bob Johnson, Fred Lynn and me, Nick Hopkinson. We set off, initially planning to go West but after pausing by the Church at Spofforth another route was decided on, so the next village was Follifoot. Following our front wheels, (and Bob), we followed a gated road and crossing the K’bro’ bypass were kindly waved over by two polite cars who slowed down some traffic for us. The familiar K’bro’ riverside led to our well-known route around and out of town to Farnham and then Copgrove.

Thanks to family contacts Bob knows Copgrove very well as as we approached he asked if I knew the track from there to the road joining Burton Leonard and Boroughbridge. As it happens, I did, but hadn’t been down it for a long time so we led the others off there. It doesn’t really count as ‘off-road ‘ since it is all tarmac- just rather worn tarmac. Bob pointed out the site of a very old well mentioned in the Domesday Book. Fred thought it a bit rough, (that’s the track, not the well, sorry Fred), but it brought us near to Roecliffe and so past The Crown to Boroughbridge.

Approaching the Plenty Café, Fred left us to get straight home, thereby missing a free coffee as promised in a previous report if he completed a ride with us. The offer stands. So the rest of us had coffee and buns outside and talked about cycling clubs etc before setting off thro’ Aldeborough, turning right here past the Roman Town and going to Marton -cum- Grafton for a change. We avoided the hill and went to join the A168 to get ourselves back to Wetherby in good time. I enjoyed it. Thanks to all.