Wetherby – Hillam, Sunday 14th November 2021, 60 miles

Sunday club ride and the saga of the cheese sandwich

Seven riders gathered in the Mews for the Sunday club ride to Bubwith,  Mark, Michael, Nick, Frank, Bob, Bill and myself Steve W,  the café there was takeaway only but apparently closed on Sunday anyway. 

So by mutual agreement, it was agreed to go to the Potting Shed at Hillam.

The route was far from straightforward, following a myriad of little country lanes, through Tadcaster to Uleskelk, then Biggin, where Bill turned back for a prior engagement. Onward via Bishop Wood, Gateforth to our destination at Hillam.

We decided to sit out on the pleasant patio, as the sun was now out and the temperature was above average for November.

Just as well, as we were about to have a long wait.  Drinks came out straight away, followed by sandwiches and cakes not long after, apart from Marks Cheese sandwich.

After we had all finished our food, there was still no cheese sandwich, Mark enquired and was told the last bread roll was frozen.

We suggested using the microwave to defrost it, no microwave.

Now at this point Mark was ravenous, how would they thaw it out, it would usually take about an hour without any help.

Suggestions please to the potting shed.

Anyway it looked like someone had dashed out to the local shop, dashing past us with a supply of bread.

A loud cheer went up with a round of applause when the cheese sandwich made its appearance.

Credit to the café, the staff are very friendly and welcoming and the service is usually very good, they didn’t charge for the sandwich or the extra round of drinks we had whilst waiting.

Going back was quite uneventful, but complicated as myself and Bob tried to fit in as many tiny lanes between there and Lotherton.

At Braham Mark and Michael peeled off for home down Thorner Lane.

At the next roundabout, Frank and Nick turned for Boston Spa and me and Bob trundled back into Wetherby.

Steve W