Wetherby – Coxwold, Sunday 7th November 2021, 54 miles

There were three riders, Frank, Bob and Geoff in the Shambles when I arrived this week. Frank gave me a quick look at the route and explained that would be picking up members as we journeyed. Nick and Simon were waiting at the Tockwith turn off as we rode up the 168 towards Walshford. As we rode up the hill in Hunsingore Geoff peeled off for home but we were very quickly joined by Pete Dack and Steve Ward. That now with me Graham made up a group of 7 that completed the ride via Aldwalk, Raskelf and Husthwaite to  Coxwold. We were pleased to find the Coxwold Tea Rooms open.

We locked our bikes up at the front and went inside which was very pleasant and welcoming. The menu however is very limited and we realized there was no real cycling food on offer. We enjoyed a nice chat over coffees and cake but resolved to return via Easingwold for something more substantial. The group headed out of Coxwold up the hill past Newburgh Priory, past the first turn for Thornton lane and down the second right-hand turn and along Thornton Lane and into Easingwold. Then it was into the very busy Fika Rooms. This is probably the best cafe in Easingwold but on this occasion, they were overwhelmed and the service was a bit slow. I had completed my coffee, paid and been to the toilet before eventually, my bacon butty arrived. I nearly forgot I’d ordered it. Sean arrived and was told that they had temporarily stopped food orders. He went next door which was almost deserted. Frank, Nick and Simon finished their meal before us and decided to head for home with the rest following a little while later and giving chase. We managed to catch them at Alne. Then it was a leisurely ride back to Whixley where Bob departed and then south down the Roman Road to Cattal. We left Pete and Frank at Walton and Steve Ward and I headed back to Wetherby.