Boston Spa – Bolton Bridge, Tuesday 2nd November 2021, 60 miles

9 wheelers met for the departure: Frank, Bill, Nick, Pete C, Kenn, Pete D, Mark, John B and Steve P.

After a short while, around Sicklinghall, John B decided to turn around…and then there were 8.

On the descent to Poole Nick decided to accompany Pete C to the cafe at Poole and to return home. Kenn also joined them…and then there were 5.

Onwards to Otley and after mending Steve P’s puncture the group decided to take a coffee in Otley when Pete D decided to leave the group…and then there were 4.

Thereafter the ride moved out of Otley, to Ilkley. At the bridge crossing (no Ice cream van !) Bill mentioned an early return. However, the group would have none of this, integral to the group Bill continued with WW through Addingham and onto a welcome lunch stop at Bolton Abbey. Spirits were further raised by the group meeting up with Graham, Greg and Michael, in one group, and also Dennis and his group from Knaresborough (see photo)…and then, temporarily, there were 8.

The weather remained favourable all day and the Wheelers returned, via Askwith to Otley. At this point Frank and Bill turned left whilst Mark and Steve P turned right for the Otley climb towards Bramhope…and then there were 2.

Frank and Bill returned home safely. Mark and Steve P followed the normal route via Bramhope and Eccup reservoir, along Wigton Lane to Shadwell where Mark departed left towards Scarcroft… and then there was 1.

I cycled across Wetherby Road and along Coal Road. This was a very pleasant route as the new Orbital Route was virtually empty of traffic. The route to Thorner is still open but access to the A64 involves climbing over a barrier, no problems…
and then, there were none.

This was a great ride in very good November conditions planned by Frank, very enjoyable.