Wetherby – Naburn, Saturday 30th October 2021, 50 miles

A total of four Wheelers showed up on this rain imminent day at the Shambles; that is Peter C, Steve B, Mark L and myself, Alec.

We set off on an unusual exit from Wetherby via the tunnel under A1(M) then out passing the racecourse on the NCR 665. Unfortunately we had not even reached the tunnel when Steve had to pull out … he was out on his winter bike and discovered his front brakes were not working … oooppssss! So the intrepid 4 became the 3 … oh well never mind. The NCR 665 is a good route out of Wetherby with a wide tarmac surface all the way finally crossing the reopened bridge over the Wharfe at Papyrus. The cycle path was quiet with the occasional dog walkers … which brought about the tale from Peter regards dogs on footpaths and owners being controlled by dogs, rather than the other way round, and the likely risk of crashes. So passing these dog owners with due care we made it to Wetherby road.

After a quick discussion about maybe cutting short the route, and as the weather seemed to be kind to us at that moment, we decided to continue with the planned ride heading out towards Cawood. A quick turn right off the Wetherby Road, right and left off the Leeds Road, Sutton was in sight. By the time we got to Ulleskelf the rain and blustery winds had started. As we approached Cawood the heavens opened up and we were getting well and truly soaked. We were now at our furthes point from home so Sods law said we may as well keep to the plan and through steamed up glasses we turned left and headed for Naburn.

We had planned to stop at the Grange Coffee Shop at Askham Richard … but a quick discussion and we all agreed let’s cut the route and head back home via Bolton Percy and Tadcaster.

We all started to go our own way as we entered Boston Spa. Despite the wind and rain we seemed to have all enjoyed the ride and company and hoped for better kinder weather next time. Just as we all started heading for home … the sun came out! Murphy’s law I guess.