Wetherby – Lotherton Hall, Tuesday 19th October 2021, 20 miles

Tuesday, The forecast was poor but when I walked the dog early on it looked OK so I got the bike ready and it began to pour with rain. I phoned Frank to say it was raining hard and he replied that it was raining in Boston Spa too so “ we” would just go to Lotherton. I couldn’t let him go on his own so I rode to BS in the rain to find him sheltering under a tree with Pete C who had just walked down out of curiosity. Apparently Steve P had set out in the rain but soon gave up – not so daft. The road across Towton battlefield was quite nice in the rain,( at least it was warm) but as we arrived at Lotherton Hall we found the broom waggon had picked up a few who didn’t make it! Coffee and cake got us home OK with a following wind and ,just for a few moments, a brief promise of sunshine. It didn’t last!