Wetherby – Askern, Sunday 18th October 2021, 63 miles

This Sunday saw Graham, Nick, Bill and Frank as the only starters on a fairly overcast day where the destination was Askern. A delightful old mining community on the South Yorkshire border.

There was a slight headwind as we set off south, along the 168 towards Aberford. Then it was on via Micklefield, past Fairburn and Brotherton and a left turn towards Birkin. The weather had taken a downturn as we approached Birkin church and it was now drizzling but the thoughts of a coffee and bacon sandwich in the Birkin lakeside cafe were cheering me up. Bill however had other ideas as we were due to meet Steve Ward in Askern and we couldn’t be late. So, it was a right turn and not a left and on to Beal and Womersley. Two more cafes were passed as we headed on south through Womersley, Little Smeaton and Norton. We arrived at our cheap and cheerful destination more or less on time only to find it closed. Not however a total disaster as we were guided to a similar establishment nearby. The Happy Cat Cafe was cheap and cheerful. Cash only and a small breakfast for £3.60. You can’t say fairer than that. Frank had two pieces of lemon cake and Bill treated us all to an extra beverage.

Steve arrived and treated himself to the full breakfast and then joined us for part of the return journey. Steve had an idea to keep off the horrible A19 and took us through Norton and Walden Stubbs and back towards Womersley. Then back over the Aire at Beal, past the cafe at Birkin and on towards Hillam. I could now hear Frank talking to Nick about possible cafe stops in Sherburn but as we neared the Hillam garden centre somebody spotted a sign for the Potting Shed cafe. “Let’s give this one a try”.

I can report that the Potting Shed is a fine addition to the WW cafe list. They claim to have the finest brownies in the area if not the world. “Don’t think they’re that good” said Bill and Nick but generally good cakes and coffee.

Steve left us here and we set off for home through Sherburn and along the main Tadcaster road. Then it was through Tad and on to Boston Spa. We all said our goodbyes at this point and went our separate ways. I arrived home dry but with a very dirty bike and 65 miles on the clock.