Boston Spa – Nostel Priory, Wednesday 6th October 2021, 50 miles

Today’s WW ride was to reconnoitre a route in readiness for next week’s Air Ambulance presentation at the Priory. As you can imagine that section of the County west of the A1 is an area of busy roads and towns.

Well, five riders assembled at Boston Spa church for a 9.15 start. They were Frank, Nick, Pete C, Pete D and Steve P. Yours truly Steve B (me) had arranged to me them at Bowcliffe Hall lights as I had to drop my car off for service and hence delayed. My significant better half suggested she drop me off to save time. 😍 She’s a love. The guy’s having come through Bramham picked me up and onto Aberford and Micklefield .

At this point, we joined the dual carriageway heading south to Fairburn, Brotherton, Ferrybridge and Darrington. With the wind from the north, we made good time. The further we went the more traffic we encountered and the road got wider, two lanes, three lanes and four lanes at one point. Eventually, we were on the A1 proper, not just the old great north road and I suspect not welcome as the traffic flew past. Frank bless him got a toot from a thirty-ton tipper as he tried to get ahead before the truck passed him. An experience only matched by a wild roller coaster ride. At last, we came off at Darrington, Phew, and then cut west trying to find our way.

Heading to Pontefract and onto Featherstone, we turned initially south then west to arrive after two hours at Nostel Priory. While four of us went for a coffee, Nick and Frank checked out the Air Ambulance area ready for next week.

It was obvious the route down was not ideal and probably longer. Whichever way we went clearly involved busy roads so we agreed to take the road through Featherstone, Castleford and north towards Allerton Bywater before taking the Aberford road. The concerns of busy roads highlighted by an accident involving a motorcycle who was taken to hospital as police etc controlled the scene.

There must be something about Pete’s as Pete D peeled off and headed home and shortly after Pete C decided against a cafe stop at Lotherton Hall as he needed to get ready for his Motor Home trip the following day. He missed our politics discussion.

The four of us enjoyed a break in the sun before heading through Aberford where Steve P turned for home and the three of us rode onto Bowcliffe Hall. Frank wanted to know why the wife wasn’t there to meet me. 😊 best not push it.

We decided to ride towards Wetherby with Frank and Nick peeling off for Boston Spa and home ( joined at the hip) leaving me to finish the ride into Wetherby and home. 🚴‍♂️ Despite the traffic and noise, it was a good ride. Thanks to the guys for leading and everyone’s patience as sticking together wasn’t always straightforward.

Next week the route through Castleford and Featherstone seems the most sensible.

Steve B