Wetherby – Cycle Heaven, Thursday 30th September 2021, 41 miles

The weather gods were not looking favourably on us on Wednesday evening and a delayed start was organised for 1.00 pm instead of 9.30. This still didn’t result in a massive turn out and it was just myself, Graham, Mike Bosomworth and Nick who ventured out. Sean was coming but eventually got his days mixed up and bottled out. We decided on Cycle Heaven as a destination and set off through Tockwith and Angram. The start was dry and I was feeling quite smug that the rain had stopped and we had got out at last. However, things started to go downhill when we got to Askham Bryan. Steady rain now accompanied us into York. It wasn’t too bad when we got to Cycle Heaven and Nick declared that a bit of rain was to be expected now and again. “Could even be fun”?

Now the weather gods really took the proverbial. They decided that while we were having our coffee, cake and double egg sandwich the rain could stop. We began to fold and put away our waterproofs. This was clearly the wrong thing to do. As soon as we left the cafe it hammered it down all the way back. The one blessing was that it wasn’t particularly cold and pleased that we didn’t cancel.

I eventually finished with 41 miles.