Boston Spa – Boroughbridge, Tueday 28th September 2021, 45 miles

9 wheelers met at Boston Spa which was a good turnout given the poor weather forecast, rain due into the afternoon. The doom-mongers though had underestimated Frank’s ability to plan a rain-free ride despite the forecasted, almost certain, afternoons rain.
Riders departing comprised Frank, Nick, Steve W, Steve B, Ken, Bob, Mark, Pete C and, yours truly, Steve P.
Bob was sporting an excellent suntan after 3 weeks of holidaying and cycling in Italy and his performance on the day reflected this and was noted.
The crew headed north to Knaresborough via the normal villages of Kirk Deighton, North Deighton and Little Ribston. We split into 2 groups of 4 and 5 riders to ease traffic congestion.

At Farnham we turned east through Ferensby and Arkendale to the A168 for coffee at Rabbit Hill. Unfortunately, the group were faced with every club’s nightmare scenario of the ‘not open today’ sign. Fortunately, though, the club’s top brains and strategists moved quickly into operation and a substitute cafe at Boroughbridge was the revised destination. Ken, however, decided to head south home and the group hope this was safely accomplished.

The revised route involved leaving theA168 eastwards to Martin cum Grafton where we turned north up Grafton Lane for Boroughbridge. This was a particularly nice stretch of road not often used by WW. It was scenic, good road surface and a moderate tailwind was particularly welcome.

The main event of the day involved the partaking of lunch at the “Plenty” in Boroughbridge. The appearance of a rather professional looking cyclist in the front window awaited the Wheelers… Sean, who had just returned from a week’s cycling in France, involving the impressive conquest of Mont Ventoux (sporting the shirt also).
The cafe staff there were particularly helpful and polite. Panini’s and scones seemed to be the order of the day and a main issue of discussion was dementia, though I doubt many wheelers will remember.

Onwards and downwards I.e. southwards, after lunch through the Dunsworths and Ouseburns, then Cattal and Whixley before picking up the A168 at Walshford to Wetherby. The moderate southerly wind was mildly challenging but no real barrier to the pack of cyclists hungry and eager to press on homewards before the threatening sky shed its load.

The ride was, again and thankfully, without incident and riders returned home happy and dry thanks to Frank’s mastery of the weather and local geography.

Steve P