Wetherby – Fountains Abbey, Saturday 25th September 2021, 45 miles

Six of us met at the Shambles for 9.00am ready and excited. Let’s hope the day isn’t a shambles though. 😀 Today’s riders were Pete D, Pete C, Geoff, Steve P, Nick ( today’s ride leader) and me Steve B. The Banana kid drew his weapons from his saddlebag and put them safely in his pockets.

We rolled out towards Kirk Deighton and onto Knaresborough where we took the usual route towards the Farnham road.

At this stage Geoff decided we needed a route variation that would only add a couple of miles to the ride, so we turned left to Scriven. A couple of miles on we turned right to Farnham and back towards the route taking us onto Markington. It was evident at this stage the orderly riding would become more ragged, started by me stopping to assist the Farmer with his irrigation project. Reforming we rode onto Markington via Burton Leonard and Wormald Green. We turned towards Fountains Abbey with Geoff and Pete already on ahead worried we might be late back. Going up Westerns lane we were halted by the Sherrif explaining the road was closed to traffic, he liked the sound of his voice!, to which Pete C said we would walk through the problem area, this seemed to calm him down as none of us were arrested.

The plan was to stop at the Fountains Abbey tea room where we met up with the scouting party already indulging. After refreshments were devoured we sweet talked the lady Ranger to take couple of photos, she was a star.

The route back involved going through Studley Royal grounds but not before getting a couple of photos proving we were there. All seemed well as we descended into Ripon until —- Pete D and I got ahead and the others took a scenic diversion, not on the plan methinks. Suffice to say as a result of modern Graham Bell technology we regrouped and headed to Boroughbridge where Pete D wanted to get back for two, but took a totally different route through the Dunsforths, must be a Garforth shortcut!

The remaining five took the local lane towards Martin cum Grafton where Geoff slipped in another variation turning into Limebar lane leading to the A168.

Geoff then peeled off home to Knaresborough at the Arkendale junction. Safe journey Geoff.

The four musketeers formed a strong pace line for the next nine miles on the A168 towards home with everyone doing their turn except the tyre sucker at the back who will be nameless, but he likes bananas. 🚴‍♂️🚴🚴‍♂️🚴😂 Nick then turned for Cowthorpe and home followed by me absconding in Wetherby leaving Pete C and Steve P to get back to Boston Spa and Garforth.A great ride and thanks to Nick for leading the day.

P.S Pete D, was that a shortcut?

Steve B