Wetherby – Easingwold, Sunday 27th September 2021, 50 miles

The planned ride was to Hovingham…

For the second week running only three turned up, being Bob, Frank,(he wasn’t expected) and me Steve B. I had to be back for 13.30.The decision was to go to Easingwold and have a shorter ride, disappointing for Bob who had come from Harrogate and no doubt would have loved a longer effort. That said we decided to go via Minskip, Boroughbridge and Thornton Bridge to extend the outer leg. The wind was coming primarily from the SSW and was to help early on but would be challenging coming home.

We set off towards Knaresborough (the third time this week we had ridden this section), at the A59 we turned right and then right again to Goldsborough setting a very good tempo. We then crossed the A59 and headed for Conythorpe and Arkendale, still pressing hard on the pedals. On through Staveley to Minskip and Boroughbridge heading north to Thornton Bridge. Barely had time to drink as Bob pressed on, but in a caring manner. The expression full gas came to mind.

Arriving at Easingwold we took an outside table at the Fika cafe and settled to enjoy a coffee and a sandwich. The conversation covered areas of the UK we had ridden and Bob explained (with great interest by us) the importance of understanding how to ride a pace line, group riding as well as coping with echelons. It appears that in places in Italy and France etc we Brits were viewed as not the best riders dealing with such technical situations. We provided past examples of such experiences.

Well time to come home otherwise I was in for a telling off for being late. We had shared duties on the front coming but did not argue when Bob stamped his authority on the job by taking the lead. Have to say he gave us a good tow into the wind most of the way and both Frank and I had to work ‘Cunard’ to stay on his wheel. Full gas into the wind coming home was hard work. The direct route took us over the Aldwark bridge and then to Thorpe Underwood from where we headed to Wixley but turned right on Church street and headed across the A59 towards the A168 but not before crossing the Railway on the back lane. Photos for proof 😀. The back lane was very rough in places.

Bob turned off at the Cowthorpe junction to head home to Harrogate and with a big thanks from both of us for taking the wind. Frank waved me good buy in Wetherby but not before both of us agreed it had been a faster than usual return from Easingwold in the wind. Both a little leg weary but thoroughly enjoyed the ride and Bobs company. Nothing like hearing someone else’s experiences and knowledge.

Ps. An enjoyable ride on a few different lanes.

Steve B